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Nidec Industrial Solutions offers complete electrical systems throughout the world for a wide range of industrial applications. Its reference markets are the petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy, steel, marine and heavy industrial applications. The multinational is specialised in applications where high power and high performance are key: electric motors and generators up to 65 MW, medium and high voltage inverters and converters, Statcom and D-Statcom, automation and control systems for industrial power management. Moreover, the company is a leading supplier of BESS, microgrids, EV Chargers for fleets and public use, as well as power supply units for hydrogen production.

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Bechtel helps our customers deliver projects of purpose that create a lasting positive legacy. These are projects that create jobs and grow economies; improve the resiliency of the world's infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunity; get us closer to net zero; tackle critical environmental challenges; protect people and the planet; and accelerate progress to make the world a cleaner, greener, safer place.

While expertise enables delivery, partnerships ensure long-term success, which is why we align everything we do to our customers’ goals.

Since 1898, we have helped customers complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents.

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Next Decade

At NextDecade, we are taking REAL action to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the LNG we sell and to help our customers reduce CO2 emissions at their facilities. Natural gas in the form of LNG will play an important role in the energy transition, but its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, to limit global warming, it is critical to lower greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 from industrial facilities around the world by deploying carbon capture and storage (CCS) at these facilities.

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Zachry Group is North America's pacesetter in turnkey engineering, construction, maintenance, turnaround and fabrication services to the energy, chemicals, power, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

We work with customers to plan, build and renew their most critical facilities, so they can achieve their immediate and long-term goals, all at the highest safety standards.

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Commonwealth LNG

Commonwealth LNG was founded by industry veterans who decided to re-engineer the LNG construction model. Using proven best practices, Commonwealth has re-designed the LNG process to create a facility to provide reliable and affordable clean energy for customers worldwide.

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We are a premier, fully-integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. Our customers trust our technology-driven approach to design and build infrastructure solutions to responsibly transport and transform oil and gas into the products the world needs today. From concept to commissioning, our expertise and comprehensive solutions deliver certainty, innovation and added value to energy projects around the world.

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We are built for the future of the energy industry. We are a premier, fully-integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. Our customers trust our technology-driven approach to design and build infrastructure solutions to responsibly transport and transform oil and gas into the products the world needs today. From concept to commissioning, our expertise and comprehensive solutions deliver certainty, innovation and added value to energy projects around the world.

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JGC has designed and built liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants that account for over 30 % of the world's current total LNG production volume. As a leading LNG plant contractor, it has helped customers succeed in projects by accommodating their needs.

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Safe Arc Technology

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GEP® delivers AI-powered procurement and supply chain solutions that help global enterprises become more agile and resilient, operate more efficiently and effectively, gain competitive advantage, boost profitability and increase shareholder value. Fresh thinking, innovative products, unrivaled domain expertise, smart, passionate people — this is how GEP SOFTWARE™, GEP STRATEGY™ and GEP MANAGED SERVICES™ together deliver procurement and supply chain solutions of unprecedented scale, power and effectiveness. Headquartered in Clark, New Jersey, GEP has offices and operations centers across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. To learn more, visit

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WillScot Mobile Mini is a leading business services provider specializing in innovative and flexible temporary space solutions. Our diverse product offering includes modular office complexes, mobile offices, classrooms, temporary restrooms, portable storage containers, blast protective and climate-controlled structures, clearspan structures, and a thoughtfully curated selection of furnishings, appliances, and other services and solutions that are turnkey for our customers. We service diverse end markets across all sectors of the economy from a network of approximately 240 branch locations and additional drop lots throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Cajun Industries

Cajun is one of the largest self-performing contractors in the South. With a 50-year history of servicing its industrial, governmental, and commercial clients across the United States, Cajun is well known for its contracting and construction proficiency as well as its high-quality workmanship and, most importantly, its safety record. Cajun provides a wide range of vertically integrated services, from engineering to turnkey construction. We self-perform site preparation, underground utilities, driven piling, augured cast-in-place pilings, drill shafts, foundations, structural concrete, structural steel erection, pipe fabrication, process piping, and rotating equipment installation and alignment.

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AP Sensing

AP Sensing Americas, the industry leader for Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions (DTS-Temperature DAS- Acoustic / DSS-Strain). From our Hewlett Packard & Agilent Technologies heritage, with over 25 years of fiber optic leadership, AP Sensing delivers advanced hardware and software solutions.

• Leak Detection

• Liquefaction & Gasification

• Power Systems Control

• Industrial Fire Detection & Process Monitoring

• Tank & Temperature Monitoring

• Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

• HSE & Risk Mitigation

AP Sensing Americas operates from offices around the world – North America (HQ), Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, & the UK to serve our customers’ requirements for quality designed systems and services.

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Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine delivers world-class industry subject matter expertise, unparalleled technical and specification service, and unmatched regional commercial team support to our customers around the globe. Our broad portfolio of high-performance coatings and systems that excel at combating corrosion helps customers achieve smarter, time-tested asset protection. We serve a wide array of markets across our rapidly growing international distribution footprint, including Bridge & Highway, Fire Protection, Flooring, Food & Beverage, Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, Rail, Steel Fabrication, and Water & Wastewater.

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Brahma Group

Brahma Group, Inc. (BGI) is a leading full-service mechanical industrial construction company with active projects nationwide. We provide capital construction, maintenance, shutdowns, outages, and turnaround services to dedicated business units in the mining, power generation, refining, biomass, industrial, solar, and waste-to-energy industries. As a major supplier of equipment, services, solutions, and innovations to various industries, we integrate an elite group of professionals focused on a mission to repair, maintain, and provide new construction that increases every client's overall effectiveness and efficiency. Our diverse portfolio encompasses projects of all sizes, including large-scale, complex, mission-critical work. With a strong presence in the Western United States, we have the depth and breadth of resources necessary to successfully complete this project. Our ability to find solutions and innovations to industrial construction challenges and unknown situations/risks/conditions is what sets BGI apart from the competition.

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At Forgen, we exist to solve your most complex geotechnical and environmental project challenges. Our mix of environmental, ground improvement, and soil mixing professionals safely tackle existing site conditions and prepare your site for development. As a majority self-performing contractor with a large fleet of owned equipment, we streamline the construction process for more reliable project delivery. We lead with safety and innovation in mind, and approach every project with spirit of partnership to arrive at the best solution for your unique needs. Our streamlined deep foundations services get you out of the ground and on the path to final ribbon cutting as quickly as possible.

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Foster Safety LLC

Foster Safety LLC’s main office is in Beaumont, Texas serving customers in SETX, SWLA, Nationally and Internationally since 1998. We specialize in Regulatory, Safety, Compliance, Emergency Response and Training Services!

Services and Certifications include:










● EMS TRAINING (Texas DSHS Certified)




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Locke Solutions

Locke manufactures precast concrete and fabricated metal products for engineering and construction projects in Texas, Louisiana, and more. Locke has extensive experience serving the electrical/communication underground utility markets as well as industrial/petrochemical markets. The team prides itself on its ability to make life easier with precast by manufacturing products designed specifically on the client's needs while reducing costs and risks associated with varying construction jobsite conditions. Get concrete products designed, produced, and delivered in one simple click:

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Insight-AWP are a project management solution provider. Our imbedded staff guide the
implementation of Advanced Work Packaging and Information Management for our client’s
mega projects, helping them to increase field productivity by up to 25%.
Key services:
Insourced Data Management - Software agnostic, we manage data and project software to
make it work for the construction team.
We coach project teams on how to deliver AWP
We imbed with Construction teams to help them apply Workface Planning.
BIM + 4D + Augmented Reality + Installation Work Packages = Predictable results.

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